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    1690s book with filigree silver binding - National Library of Sweden

    This binding is an exquisite example of Danish filigree technique
    from the 1690s.It belongs to the National Library’s Huseby
    Collection and was once owned by Karren Mogensdotter Skoug.
    Her name and the year 1692 are engraved on the inside of the clasps. -(x)

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    Happy International Literacy Day, Tumblr!

    Some of these are available on my Redbubble and Society6

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    If the world as we know it were to end, what would you miss most? What would you want to save? #station11 @emilymandel

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    This is true, no matter how some folks may act:

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    It’s #internationalliteracyday! Here are three ways to get involved and show support for global #literacy:
    - take a #literacyselfie to spread a love of reading
    - pick up a book and read or read to a kid!
    - see what #volunteer opportunities are near you to be a mentor to a kid and help them develop a love of reading

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    happy international literacy day! one of my fave illustrations “some of my best friends”

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    I freakin’ love Powell’s even more because they do this thing where if you were about to get a used book but its out…. they swap you a brand new book to read… to which I was like, COOL. I was going to get a used hardcover of The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman but I love this brand new softcover <3 BUT WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL

    THE BOOK WAS SIGNED BY NEIL GAIMAN?! LIKE WHAT? I’m pretty sure that’s an “N” and a “G”…. holy moly if it is his autograp, I got so lucky! I’ve been wanting a book signed by him for ages!!!

    Ahhhhh!!! <3 It is a wonderful day for a book lover and collector~ 

    File under: things amazon doesn’t do.

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    Dewey Decimal and the Librarians

    DeweyFront by Super Furry Librarian on Flickr.

    A toe tappin’ good time!